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About MUCH ADO- mtg minutes #5

Previous Entry MUCH ADO- mtg minutes #5 Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 12:48 am Next Entry

Much Ado About Nothing

Production Meeting Minutes #5

July 5, 2005.  3:08-3:58pm


Present: Jen, Christina, John, Kip, Kay, Nicole, Tom, Joy, Greg, and Chip (phone)



       Next Tuesday is our last production Meeting!!!!

        Crew View- July 12.  The crew is called @ 6:30  with a go @ 7:00pm

       First tech is July 13th.  As of right now, all crew is called at 5:00pm and cast at 6:00pm, unless they need more time to get ready for their preshow entertainment.  

       July 14th is the first rehearsal with mics- we will allow an hour for getting into mics and mic check so that everyone knows what they are doing.

Tech Director /Set/Props

       We can use the space tomorrow!!

       John will take over the tables, chairs and benches for use to use.  I will get a key from him tomorrow.

       If Kip can find them, he’ll be using the red curtains from last year

       John will extend the tiki torches to be 7 feet tall.

       Looking into getting an acolyte for lighting the candles

       The pitchers will be metal (2)


       The prologue music is 2:35min

       Talked about a special for Hero during the funeral scene

       Jen will be sending an updated music list

       Kay said that you could come to the costume shop to see colors.


       John’s looking into getting curtains/dividers for costume change booths.

       Pearl will be wearing her first costume for her pre-show performance

       We’ll be figuring out entrances and exit for costume changes

       Discussed flame-proofing of costumes.

       Decided to cut the train from Mairzy’s party dress

       We will not use the masks again until next week

       Costume shop will be working on uniforms this Saturday

       Kay is pulling a selection of neckerchiefs for the soldiers to wear if they want to.

       Leonato will have a pocket watch.


       The fight is coming along

       The scabbards need repairs and paint

       The following people needs noise added to their scabbards: Conrade, Don John, Benedick, Don Pedro

Dramaturg/Managing Director

       The website is updated with pictures!!  http://www.bsu.edu/theatre/

       Talked about giving extra credit for ushers- Kip will talk to his class


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