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Much Ado- Preview/ final dress - BSU DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE & DANCE

About Much Ado- Preview/ final dress

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Much Ado About Nothing

Preview/ final dress

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: everyone


Rehearsal Notes

       6:00- Mic Checks began, grounds opened

       6:15- Preshow performaces began

       6:40- Fight call

       7:00- Shakespeare Youth Company performed (15 minutes)

       7:15- more pre-show entertainment

       8:00- Ran show

o       Act I -1 hour 1 minutes

o       Act II- 55 minutes



       Thursday- OPENING NIGHT!!!!


       We had a small audience tonight: about 20 people

       We used the ice pack from the first aid kit for Michael because he missed his step and hurt his knee

       Sean took Sarah McGrath to the ER.  She tripped  and twisted her ankle while carrying a basket of costumes down the steps after the show.

       It was a bit windy tonight so there was only one candle lit during the wedding


       The lawn games have been cut.

Sound/ Lights

  • Waltz music was not there, the actors continued the scene as best they could.
  • Some cables came unplugged so the light cue for the transition into intermission wasn’t there.  Chip was able to quickly bring in lights for it.
  • We had problems with the headsets going out tonight.  
  • Several cues were late tonight because of unknown blocking changes.


  • 2 notes actors forgot to put on the grief sheets before they went away:
    • Robert’s mask strap snapped.
    • Is there any way to pad or dull the wires on the wedding dress lace?  It scratches up Mairzy’s arm when she catches Hero when she swoons.


No other notes at this time

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