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About MUCH ADO- reh report 24

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Much Ado About Nothing

Rehearsal Report #24

Friday, July 15, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: EVERYONE!!!


Rehearsal Notes

       6:30- mic check

       7:45- notes

       8:05- Act I (run time= 1 hour 14 minutes)

       9:22- Intermission

       9:37- Act II ( run time = 1 hour)

       9:47- notes/ clean up/ go home




       Friday- Tech run. 

       Saturday:  1st Dress!!! 5:00- crew call.  6:00- Actor call.  8:00 GO

       If we get rained out tomorrow, we will most likely have rehearsal on Monday.


       Sean- you wanted a reminder for a hot glue gun.  Here it is.

       Kip- we had all of the Chinese lanterns and the curtain tonight.  Everything seemed to work pretty well.  We did have a 3rd glass broken tonight.  It fell off of one of a servant girl’s tray when she was going thru the curtain.  They were told again that they need to be careful and I told them you bought out the Muncie/ Anderson area of them.

       Sean- I forgot to ask Jen if she liked it, but Dogberry handed a tissue to Verges at the end of Act I.  Can you pull yet another handkerchief for that moment?

       Is Conrade not using a gag anymore?  Did this get cut?


       We used the masks tonight.  Here are notes from the actors:

-         Monahan- straps need tightened

-         Meier- strap needs re-glued

-         Johnson- needs nose padding

-         Guillaud- Strap needs re-glued

-         Ruston- center strap needs lengthened

-         Lemberg- mask is still really lopsided.

-         Yost and Guillaud are both concerned about their masks fitting with the wigs. 

       If it rains tomorrow, Jen still wants to do a run with the costumes in UT.  This gives us an hour to move them. 

       The sole of William’s is coming off and is currently being held in place by a hair tie.  He said it was because of the extra wetness outside tonight.


No other notes at this time

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