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About Much Ado- Reh Report #21

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Much Ado About Nothing

Rehearsal Report #21

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: EVERYONE!!! (except Letitia.  Pearl came during her break from work)


Rehearsal Notes

       12:58-1:05—Fight Call


       1:12-1:32—worked Leonato/ Cladio struggle, prologue

       1:32-2:50—Ran Act 1 (RUN TIME = 1 hour 12 minutes)

       2:50-3:05—BREAK (“intermission”)

       3:05- 4:07—Ran Act 2 (RUN TIME = 58 minutes)

       4:07- 4:16—BREAK

       4:16- 4:39—worked transitions

       4:39- 4:43—notes

       4:43—Tom distributed posters/ clean-up



       Tuesday- Last Production Meeting @ 3:00pm in AC 308 followed by Paper Tech.

       Tuesday- Crew View- call @ 6:30, GO @ 7:00

       Wednesday- First Tech- Go@ 8:00


       Act II scene 3: Beatrice now lights and starts to smoke a cigar (small- a cigarillo).  She puts it out on the wall when she overhears Hero and Ursula. (Kay- this is when she is wearing the 2nd paler floral dress)

       Benedick asked if the donut could be a croissant instead (easier to eat).  Or we could still use the piece of bread like we talked about- whichever the budget allows.

       For Tuesday- can we have all props over at the museum?  The swords, stocks and lantern are already over there.  Thanks.


  • Track #8 on the CD I gave you today- in addition to cutting the first 15 seconds of the song, Jen would like it to end at the 1:02 mark.


  • The sandals fit McKanna!  
  • I sent the fittings to the cast and told them not to miss or be late.
  • As noted in the prop section above, Beatrice now smokes when she is wearing the 2nd paler floral dress.

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