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About Much Ado- Reh Report #17

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Much Ado About Nothing

Rehearsal Report #17

Saturday, July 5, 2005

Location: UT

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: EVERYONE!!!  (except Michael and Carla- Michael was sick)


Rehearsal Notes

       6:35- 6:50—Announcements

       6:50-7:57—ran/worked pages 48-58

       7:57- 8:07—BREAK

       8:07- 9:28—Ran/worked pages 58- 74

       9:28- 9:39—BREAK

       9:39- 10:33-- Ran/worked pages 73- 81, notes



       We are at the Museum tomorrow!


       Wednesday’s rehearsal:

§         Start with Dance

§         Spacing rehearsal until dark

§         Move to UT- Finish working thru the end of the show

§         Work wedding if time allows


       Jen likes the larger lantern

       The plates for the party should be cocktail plates.  If it’s possible for them to be plastic, yet look like China, that would be awesome.

       If you cannot find another Brandy glass, Jen will only have 3 people drink Brandy instead of 4

       At least 2 pieces of gear needs to be smaller and able to be worn over the shoulder with a strap

       Can we have 6 small bouquets for all the women in the wedding, in addition to Hero’s?

       Prop Add: 2 Handkerchiefs.  One for Beatrice and one for Benedick.  They will need to be washed nightly.

       Can we have the swords available at the Museum for rehearsal?


       Kyle McKanna wants to juggle fire during the preshow.  Can you pull a period shirt and some pants that aren’t loose and fireproof them?

       Do the watchmen’s costumes have belts?  They need a place to stick their daggers.

       Joe Williams said that his costume consists of canteens, etc.  He was hoping he could start using them in rehearsal if possible.

       If this is alright with you, Kay, Benedick will be taking off his jacket on page 73 and giving it to Don Pedro.  He will the be without a jacket for the garden scene, and will re-enter putting his Jacket on for the last scene.


       No swords will be worn during the funeral scene.


       Don Pedro plays a guitar both times Balthazar sings.  Do we need a wireless mic for that?  Can we do that?  Or do you think his mic will pick it up?



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