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Much Ado About Nothing

Performance Report #2

Friday, July 22, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Performance Notes

e    As most of you know, someone hit the set with a truck late Thursday night.  We were able to get it back in place and together in about 2 hours so that we could have a show tonight.  

e    All pre-show events happened on time.

e    7:00 -7:16Shakespeare Youth Co performed

e    8:04 Bill made some pre-show announcements (he explained what had happened with the set and how awesome John is)

e    8:08- 9:19- Act I (run time= 1 hour 11 minutes)

e    9:31-9:36- Tom’s intermission Giveaway

e    9:36-10:32- Act II (run time= 56 minutes)

Front of House Report

e    We received $450 in donations tonight.  Running total =$477

e    Audience count: about 500-550

e    The audience was awesome tonight!  They really seemed to enjoy the show.  They applauded after every scene.  They were great.

Sound/ Lights

e    We had a waltz tonight!!!

e    Conrade’s mic went in and out during the fight scene.  

e    The Friar’s mic wasn’t turned on during the wedding, but Chip was able to pick him up through Leonato and Hero’s mics.  

e    We added a light cue (LQ 63.1) to give Benedick and Leonato light on the Balcony after the last servants transition.


e    Borachio has boots!!! And they fit!!!


e    All of the candles stayed lit for the first wedding!!  We had about half on them lit for the second wedding

e    I need to tell Katie to put the acolyte back in the corner when she is done (for the Friar) and to not press down on the candles when she puts the out.


e    The show was awesome!!  Great energy! Great weather!  Let’s do it again tomorrow!!

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