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Much Ado About Nothing

Rehearsal Report #23

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: EVERYONE!!!


Rehearsal Notes

       6:30- 7:23- Mic checks/ fight call

       7:23- 8:00- notes/ prep for top of show

       8:05- 9:21—Ran Act I

       9:21- 9:37-- Intermission

       9:37- 11:14—Ran Act II

       11:14—Clean-up/ go home




       We made it thru the entire show!!!  We had to stop a few times.  I did not get a run time because of these stops. 

       We keep losing people.  Last night was Brittany’s last night and tonight was Greg’s.  Thank you both for everything!!

       We added a person:  Cheri Cook joined the crew tonight as our backstage mic person!!


       Friday- Tech run.  6:00- crew call.  6:30- Actor call, fight call, begin mic checks.  8:00 GO

       Saturday:  1st Dress!!!


       Can we get a handkerchief for Margaret to bring to Hero instead of the terry washcloth?

       Wedding poles with the garland will be set up during intermission.

       The flowers need to be struck during intermission

       The candelabras need to be preset further up and as close to the wall as possible.  (I can show you tomorrow.)

       All Geraniums will be preset onstage.  They will carry on the vases like they did originally.

       Sean and Joy:  Tonight seemed to be less crazy.  You guys are doing an awesome job and it’s only going to get easier


       Kay- I left the rehearsal skirts in the room at the museum.  I hope that’s ok.  I can bring them back tomorrow night since that will be the last time we need them. 

       Elliot Lemberg exits stage left with all of the soldiers after the wedding.  This is where he’ll need to change into the sexton.  He will also be getting a mic at this time too.  He has plenty of time to make the change.  Cheri will be there for the mic switch.


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