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Much Ado About Nothing

Rehearsal Report #22

Saturday, July 13, 2005

Location: Museum

Stage Manager: Christina Ball


Present: EVERYONE!!!


Rehearsal Notes

       6:30- 6:46—Fight Call

       6:46- 7:06—Jen worked some transitions

       7:06- 7:45—Notes, announcements, set-up for top of show

       7:45- 9:03—Began Cue-to-cue

       9:03- 9:13—BREAK

       9:13- 10:23—more cue-to-cue

       10:23- 10:39—BREAK

       10:39- 11:34—Cue-to-cue, ended on page 79

       11:34- began clean-up




       Cue-to Cued the show through page 79.

       Rain procedure changed slightly- they will just call me on my cell and I will let them know since I can’t do the message on my house phone.  If they are concerned about long distance, they will call Jen (silly Dayton area codes)


       Thursday:  we add mics to the mix. We are going to just run the show, stopping when we get to the end if needed.  The cast received adjusted call times for mic checks.


       We never decided what Borachio and Conrade would be eating when they come from the dinner.  Kip said that John and Jen should decide what it is.

       For tomorrow- we need to make sure that we use the padlocks and that the actors know to go to Sean to be unlocked.

       Sean has requested that the actors don’t leave personal items in the way of the props area- nothing in the room and not out where people might trip.  It won’t be as bad when we get the other room Saturday

       Need to make sure the garland for the rails is pre-set behind the balcony during intermission (I know we didn’t really have one tonight)

       Note for me: I need to check the topiaries as a part of my pre-show check to make sure they don’t look weird.


       Katie Nathan said she left you a message after the shop had closed.  She’s going to come in @ 4:30 tomorrow unless you want her to come in at another time because she no longer has to work.



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