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About Much Ado- mtg minutes

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Much Ado About Nothing

Production Meeting Minutes #6

July 5, 2005.  3:05-3:53pm


Present: Jen, Christina, John, Kip, Kay, Nicole, Tom, Joy, Brittany, Greg, and Chip



       Discussed rain procedures.  If at half hour until call, it is raining, the actors will call my home phone and there will be a message telling them where rehearsal will be at.  If at half hour it is not raining, they should report to the museum. 

       If there is any lightning, we have to stop- Chip will be the judge of that and what is too much rain.

       Monday may be a day off for everyone, not just Equity.

       If needed, we will call people for Sunday.

       Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a cue-to-cue

       Paper tech followed the meeting and we made it thru the whole show!!

       Wednesday, July 20th – we will be running all pre-show events and this will be the first time we have the Shakespeare Youth Co.

Tech Director /Set/Props

       Next Tuesday will be the first night for food.

       The acolyte is on it’s way

       We tested the watermelon tonight

       We will have garland, Chinese lanterns, and the curtain by Friday

       Kip will not be here Thursday thru Saturday this week.

       John/kip will look at the lower windows and electrical boxes and figure out how to make the pretty- Kip mentioned buying an extra plant for the box.

       There will be plenty of extra batteries for the lantern


       Lights are up and focused.  Chip will be pulling gel colors soon.

       Looked at and Jen chose break-up gobos

       The bird sound should be a morning, meadow bird sound effect

       No mics for the guitars, their own wireless mics should pick it up enough.

       Actors need to project

Dramaturg/Managing Director

       Tom will take to someone about getting extra trashcans

       Tom will be purchasing 1 bottle of kids OFF bug spray and 3 regular

       John will talk to stagecrafters that need hours about ushering.  If they do it, the need to do all nights.

       Talked about survey questions

       The Museum will not be open Friday because of the cocktail reception

       Look for commercials on Comcast very soon!!!

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